Diagnostic Services

Digital Radiography

Scenic Rim Vet Service utilises one of Queensland’s few Ekalin DR digital radiography systems, which is recognised as providing the best quality images in the world.  It is very fast (less than 2 seconds between different shots) which makes it ideal for yearling sales radiographs, as well as producing excellent diagnostic images.

In direct digital radiography, the images are sent immediately to the computer screen, so there is no waiting for images to be developed as was the case with the older plate and film regimes.

This system can be used in the surgery or in a mobile capacity on property visits.  The speed and clarity allows it to be used for advanced applications like the imaging of a laminitic foot (above left) after the injection of local contrast agent (ie. a venogram).  It also allows the guidance of placement of surgical implants (Above right).  In this case we placed a plate and cortical screws to stabilize an elbow fracture.

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